Monday, June 23, 2014

Gorilla Gold - Grip enhancer

If you have any issues with getting a good grip on your club than you definitely want to check out the Gorilla Gold grip enhancement towel.

All you do is gently apply the towel to your grip before you swing and your grip is improved.

My hands sweat a lot when golfing, especially when its humid out and usually have to change the gloves a few times. With the Gorilla Gold in my bag I have no more worries about the club slipping out of my hand.

Using the towel build confidence and also lets you get a good grip without having to apply as much pressure ( One teaching professional used the tube of the toothpaste squeezing exercise to get me to loosen the grip).

Another benefit of using Gorilla Gold is that you will actually be cleaning your grips each time you use the towel so it will also prolong the life of your grips.

Gorilla Gold is great in the rain, if your hands are sweaty or just if you want to get a good solid grip on your club without squeezing too hard.

Gorilla Gold sells for about $6 online at

For that price it has to be something every golfer should have in their bag!

Friday, August 14, 2009

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